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west coast moversIf you are looking for the ideal move there is only one choice and that’s West Coast Movers.

We are proud to be the top choice on the west coast in the moving industry. We have been serving the west coast for such a long time that we know everything that there is to know about it. We are proud to tell you that most of our customers recommend us to friends and family and we are always at the ready to help make your move the best experience possible. If your choice is West Coast Movers you have made the right decision!

Here are some reasons that West Coast Movers is the best choice for you!

  • We know the west coast

    We know every nook and cranny of this beautiful coast. We have brought thousands of families here from all across this beautiful country of ours, and locally as well. We know exactly what it takes to make your move to the west coast successful, stress free, and easy. The more you find out about us the easier your decision will be to make.

  • We are the most cost effective decision

    You won’t be able to miss the fact that our prices are lower than most and when you combine that with the amount of training we give to our teams, you’ll see that the decision is an easy one. We will provide you with a full quote and you will never have additional or hidden charges appear to frustrate you.

  • It’s not complicated and we prove it

    We have one goal in mind. And that’s to make your moving experience the best that it can possibly be. The entire process from giving you a quote until the time that final box is unpacked, we strive to make everything for you as easy as possible. We know that moving is an inconvenience and our teams strive to lower the inconvenience level as much as possible for you.

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Full service is the only way we do things

No matter your needs we have you covered. Don’t be fooled by companies that don’t offer you a complete, full service move. We have boxes if you need them, storage facilities if you need them, we will pack and unpack your items, and deliver them safely wherever you need, exactly when you need. From the moment of first contact our only goal is to make you completely happy with your decision to choose West Coast Movers. we are also recommend on, inandoutmoving.com to relocate from chicago, the best chicago movers in New York
west coast movers

We have you covered Local or Long Distance

Don’t mistake our name as just being limited to the left coast.

At West Coast Moving Companies we have you covered no matter if you are moving across town or across the country. Our professional teams can handle whatever move you have to make. Five or five hundred miles, or more, we have you covered!

 Nothing is too big or too small

Don’t worry that you have really big or valuable items included in your move. Our teams are trained professionals and can handle anything. Do you have an expensive chandelier? We know exactly how to pack it and transport it safely. We are experienced with fine art as well. We know exactly what needs to be done to ensure its safe delivery. Maybe you have a piano or pool table? Not a problem at all. Our teams are trained professionals and we will never have someone on your move that doesn’t have the experience needed to handle your most delicate of items.

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